On 24 March, Russian President Vladimir Putin flanked by the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, a private press-Secretary Dmitry Peskov and a dozen local officials from Moscow came to the hospital in Kommunarka, where they treat patients COVID-19. The head of the Kremlin, as expected, was personally escorted by the head physician of medical institution Denis Protsenko, who later confirmed the coronavirus.

“I want to thank you for the way work is organised in your institution, – said Putin, passing the “warmest” thanks to the hospital staff. – Everything works like a watch, like a good mechanism.”

A month later, doctors began to run out of this hospital. According to one of the nurses, the cause of the layoffs became unbearable working conditions and lack of promised payments for the work with patients with COVID-19.

According to former nurses, medical staff had to work several days in a row, not being able to eat normally and relax. They originally gave are not disposable, but “dirty used anti-plague suits”. The unpleasant incident occurred after the coronavirus has infected the physician Denis Protsenko: Junior medical staff to check on COVID-19 did not, while all the others passed the tests. However, the most patience burst when I got paid. According to the former nurse, she and her colleagues did not pay the allowances promised by Putin.

Earlier, the journalist Natalia Andreeva published in Facebook pieces of correspondence from General chat hospital nurses, which suggests that people do not receive the promised payments.

“Nurses Kommunarka massively dismissed. Nurses who worked with my hospitalization in March and all of April, s. p. 26 thousand per month. for immobile coronavirus of patients received at the hands of… it is unthinkable,” wrote the journalist.

All the questions nurses their employer is recommended to go personally to Vladimir Putin for clarification: it overhead is not promised.

The Department of health of Moscow, and also in the hospital until this information has not commented.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin said that the situation with the security of hospitals from region to region differs.

“And by the number of cases and on the level of equipment of medical institutions. Part of the property from the reserve will go to hospitals in the regions that need it. Will be partially transferred to the defense Ministry for the construction of hospitals. In the amount exceeding RUB 100 million, in addition, we continue to deploy mobile hospitals by the forces of the Ministry”, – said the head of the Russian government.

As reported Диалог.UA previously, the Russians were angered by the Kremlin’s decision to send doctors to Italy, where raging coronavirus infection. People demanded not to leave them to fend for themselves and to send Russian doctors in the regions where they can save lives, not to help with the purchase of the practice abroad.

By the way, during Putin’s visit to the hospital in Kommunarka his PR Sands ordered the doctor to destroy the phone, which she removed the head of state. Explanation for this action from the Kremlin has not followed.

Julia Bulyga specifically for Диалог.UA