What determines the cost of repair of an apartment in Lviv

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KIEV. June 5. UNN. The average resident of a large Ukrainian city on average begins to repair their homes every 7-10 years. Over this time, changing fashion, style, technology. According to experts RBK-Kronos fluctuate constantly and prices for repair of apartments in Lviv. So the question is, how much will the renewal of an apartment, does not lose its relevance ever. It applies to those who bought an apartment in the building, and those who live in apartments are more typical of the Soviet model. However, to give a definite answer to this question is not immediately available, because the price of services of repair of apartments depends on many factors. From what exactly, we consider in our article.

What is included in the cost of repairing the apartment?

All costs that must appear in the repair process, can be divided into four main groups:

1. The design of the internal structure and harmonization of redevelopment if necessary.
2. The actual repair of the apartment.
3. The purchase of building materials.
4. The purchase of materials for finishing, as well as various elements of the systems of water and electricity.

Can also be additional costs, for example:

● send personal, bulky items for temporary storage in special points (the service has become popular lately)
● replacement of Windows;
● delivery of finishing materials and equipment, their rise in the floor;
● General cleaning of premises after completion of work.

How to save at repair of apartment

Many people think that the most economical option — it is an independent work. At first glance, everything is very simple: you purchase building materials, bring them home, make repairs, cleaning and the like. The time this process takes a lot. However, money can not spend less. After all, if you are engaged in the procurement of construction materials daily, it’s difficult to properly calculate their required number.

You can hire an independent team of builders. However, there is no guarantee that all work will be executed qualitatively and in time. Without a contract there are big risks to lose even more time and money.

The best option today is a service order for a construction company. If you count all the costs, you inexpensive cost even design renovation of apartments in Lviv. Because large companies as regular customers always can count on generous discounts on building materials from suppliers.

If ordering a complete service in one company, you wouldn’t waste any hryvnia. Professionals will create for you a design project, will purchase and deliver to site materials, dismantling of old doors, Windows, plumbing, change the plan, take out the trash, will issue the approvals. And most importantly — time for repair work will be spent in the least, and the result will be the best.