When making this or that choice we tend to trust those who have already tried it on themselves. The choice of a broker is no exception hence the number of reviews on almost all companies existing on the market. It is clear that not all of them correspond to reality but certain information can be drawn from them especially knowing some laws. Clarissa Apscott Bytrend.com (bytrend.com) chief of compliance service explains what to look first and foremost when analyzing reviews about a broker.

It’s worth starting with the fact that anyone can post a review. As a rule rather simple registration is enough and you can waffle for your pleasure. There are some resources on which some moderation, even in its infancy, is present, but unfortunately there is a minority of those. However, even in this case most of the reviews pass the first time, if they do not use profanity, discrimination on racial or any other grounds, and, of course, criticism of the existing government. Basically, the “writers” of broker reviews omit these points except that when emotions go wild a couple of expressions that should be covered with asterisks can slip through. Nobody bothers especially with the content check and this opens up unlimited opportunities for the advertising departments of companies in terms of promotion and black PR. Of course, reviews of real customers are found, moreover – there are at least no less than fake ones. Such reviews are of interest to us, because of them we can capture really useful information about a particular company. The point is to understand how to distinguish real users from professional copywriters.

First of all, we look at the review as a whole. Something can already be understood from the nickname and avatar, the presence of the latter suggests, at least, that the person made some efforts to create an individualized profile and not just performed the standard worked-out procedure. It’s a good sign if screenshots of trading, account status or a thoughtful dialogue with the support service are attached – they can be regarded as strong evidence. Don’t forget about the existence of Photoshop, but, as a rule, copywriters are lazy and prefer not to complicate their lives. The exception is the same review with repeated screenshots on several sites appearing at about the same time. There is no need to be Sherlock Holmes to recognize the tactics of a massive strike.

We pass to the content. We simply ignore one-sentence reviews, because even if they are honest and sincere they will not bring any useful information. Before analyzing the meaning we evaluate the style – too literate and smooth texts arouse suspicion, as well as the deliberate use of slang and jargon. Choosing a broker, it is assumed that a novice trader has a basic understanding of the issue, so we recall the theory and move on to the essence of the recall. Explicit mistakes and ignorance of the subject (this happens when promotion is not done by the company’s PR-service but by a hired team of all-themes-masters) automatically excludes text from the category worthy of attention. Such broad-based specialists are very fond of vague topics about the advantages or disadvantages of depositing / withdrawing funds, how the company takes money, makes it difficult to earn money, etc. without going into detail. Excessive emotionality is also alarming. It is likely that the author simply leaked the deposit through his own fault and is trying to thwart the evil on the broker.

Having understood the content of the review it is worth looking at its surroundings. The embodiment of the classic “good / bad policeman” tactics is quite common: a positive review appears, immediately a negative one follows, and a wise and fair support service immediately appears with a request to clarify details that the author of the negative naturally ignores. The public understands that this is just an attempt to denigrate a worthy company, it is massively moving to the broker’s website and the author of the two-step program once again proves that it is not in vain that he receives a salary. In general, there is nothing wrong with participating in the discussions of the company’s support service, rather, on the contrary, such activity demonstrates concern for the image and the desire to meet the client’s needs, which adds to the broker’s advantages. Check the dates and time of publication of posts – this is a sure way to distinguish a real attempt to solve the problem from the next theater of one actor. Bytrend.com customers usually send feedback directly to the support team however the company has a separate specialist who monitors key resources to quickly respond to complex situations.