Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that the West does not allow him to restore the Soviet Union, as fears of its economic potential. Such a statement he made in the program “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin”.

Putin has openly declared its intention to recreate the analogue of the Soviet Union.

It is necessary to say about it: overcoming some of the fears of the past, overcoming fears about the revival of the Soviet Union and the Soviet Empire, still understanding that Union efforts benefit all, making headway is inevitable, “- said the Russian leader.

He accused the West that he could not integrate the post-Soviet space. According to the President of the Russian Federation, the Western countries are afraid of alleged economic potential of the new Union and did not want competition. That is why, Putin said, Russia “still has not moved on this way“.

They don’t want growth or to increase the capacity of its competitor, “- said Putin

Russian President calls upon the Republic of the former Soviet Union to unite for alleged “competitiveness“. As “benefits” he called common Russian language and common infrastructure and energy.

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