In the Zhytomyr region continue to afflict large-scale fires. Already burned Lychmany village and Mahdyn. Footage of the incidents showed hromadske on his Twitter account.

Fires in the region began on April 16. The situation quickly got out of control. The fire reached the villages Lychmany and Mahdyn, destroying at least 38 homes. People have lost their homes, money, clothes. Injured Pets. One of the villagers, whose house burned down, told reporters that the past two days almost no sleep.

We do not sleep. The fire was extinguished two nights“, he said. Now the fire has gone further and, according to local residents, burning the swamp.

The swamp is burning. We fill it with water, and the wind carries it… Two well poured, and it keeps burning, “- said the victim.

Mahdyn all burnt out, there’s a couple of houses there… And we also have the neighbors get stung… We don’t need! That’s the worst, “complained another resident Lichmanov.

According to the latest data, in Zhytomyr already burned nearly 8 thousand hectares of forest. Now there are four major centers that are trying to localize the SSES.

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— hromadske (@HromadskeUA) April 19, 2020

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