Former MP Serhiy Leshchenko commented on new scandal that shook the fraction of “servant of the people”. He believes that the number of members of SN are deliberately attacking “power Zelensky”. About Leshchenko wrote on his channel in the Telegram.

He drew attention to the “entertaining history” that on the night of April 19 happened to the Telegram. “Servants of the people” Alexander Dubinsky and Anton Poles together with the blogger Anatoly Shariy and anonymous channels “the Dark knight” and “Resident” simultaneously published allegedly the Deputy of Nikita Poturaev from the party chat. It in a very harshly voiced demand to remove from the chat Dubinsky and Bogunskogo.

The leadership of the party and OP im***enti“, – stated in the published message.

Leshchenko says that it is a fake.

The truth is that Poturaev do regularly pecocet Dubinsky with Buganski in the chat. But the truth is that he wrote such a post. Poturaev it is not published and this can be confirmed by all participants in the party chat “public Servants”. This record simply is not there“, – said the former MP.

He believes that this history exposed themselves members of the “attacks against the government Zelensky”.

Came to light when the politicians who coordinated the attack power Zelensky. In the grid enter the channels of deputies from public Servants Dubinsky and Bogunskogo, the extra fractional Deputy Polyakov (record spam amendments), the leader of the party named after himself Sharia and anonymous channels “the Dark knight” and “Resident”… Now we can confidently talk about a bunch of Sharia, Dubinsky, Luganskogo, Polyakova and joined them anonymous channels to promote their anti-Ukrainian agenda. Asleep, do*the ache!” – I wrote to Leshchenko.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that another conflict has stirred up a faction of the “servant of the people” on April 17. The MPs erupted with insults against each other.

And soon there was a loud quarrel “servants of the people” Bogunskogo and Bohutska. They publicly expressed to each other claims.

We also wrote that recently Zelensky Schuster spoke about the fate of “Servants of the people”: “too many sharks, Savik”.