Journalist and analyst of the InformNapalm project Anton pavlushko sure that the story of arrest the General-the major of SBU Valery Shaytanov is a joint work of special services of Ukraine and the West. About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

He drew attention to the fact that in the published SBU the case for Sitenovo there is a video of his meetings with alleged Moscow curator FSB Colonel Igor Yegorov in Europe.

“Devils and his Russian curator Egorov is not only internal Ukrainian history”, – the journalist wrote. This is evidenced by the fact that watching this pair at least in three countries: France, Germany and Croatia.

“Wiretapping is likely to have engaged in conventional Americans, because they were talking almost throughout the EU,” the journalist wrote. Prove its version and the presence of the SBU scan of the passport of the employee of FSB Egorova. Most likely, it was also provided by Western intelligence agencies of the SBU.

“That Egorov graduated from the KGB school and worked in the Ukrainian direction, knew it in the conventional Washington”, – said the pavlushko. That is why, in his words, the movement of Russians abroad so carefully monitored.

“It is not excluded that there he met not only with Shaitanova”, – the journalist noted. Therefore, according to the pavlushko, General long time was not convinced and kept in the office. He probably even secretly used in a hybrid war against Russia.

“Probably, Egorov something wrong on another front, and now his contacts are so open to “burn”. And Shaytanov all these years could easily use disinformation to control its communication,” said the pavlushko. In this regard, in his opinion, it is not necessary to shout about “zrade” and to accuse the security service that did not notice the traitor.

“Just now it became possible to openly expose”, – he stated.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that the Devils were arrested by the SBU on April 14. It accused of working for Russian special services and the preparation of terrorist attacks. In particular, according to the investigation, he tried to arrange the murder of Chechen commander Adam Osmayev.

It should be noted that not the opinion of Ukrainians about the arrest of major-General was divided. However, the majority believes that the charges are without serious Foundation. And, according to sources in SBU activity Shaytanov was not a mystery to his colleagues.