The General-the major of SBU Valery Shaytanov, arrested on suspicion of treason, familiar considered an opportunist. About it reported the edition “Obozrevatel” with reference to former and current employees of the SBU.

Shaytanov, who was the commander of the CSO “A” SBU arrested April 14. He was accused of working for Russian intelligence services and the preparation of terrorist acts.

Biography of major-General rather ambiguous. So, two ex-employees of CSO called it “Valera three budenovka“, noting that he had principles and he was able to adapt to any power. So, they said that he was one of the leaders of the Maidan crackdown on February 18 2014 and a staunch opponent of the revolution of Dignity.

However, after the overthrow of the regime of Viktor Yanukovych Devils changed position. Moreover, he took part in the war in the Donbass, becoming the commander of the center of special operations of SBU (tsso “A”).

As for the Donbass, there is, according to these sources, he in may 2014, talked with the command of fighters, in particular, with the leader of group “Phantom” Alexander Khodakovsky. The last later in the interview told me that it was after this conversation Kiev allegedly refused to assault Slavyansk.

Other sources claim that the SBU allegedly was not secret work Shaytanov on the Russian security services.

Only stupid in the “office did not know” what he’s doing, “said the source. He said that the battalion Shaytanov supposedly “protected smuggling in the area ATO”.

And one of the current employees of the SBU, said the arrest Shaytanov “a brilliant operation”. He expressed the hope that the General “will reach court”, since, according to the source, his crimes against the country impressive.

There will be something to tell and show… the Devils know much, “said the source. He said that the General has dirt on other employees of the SBU, because of which his life was threatened today.

He’s not really “hiding” and kept saying: “Nothing will be on our day… It is your “holiday” already received“, – said the employee of intelligence service.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that the SBU announced the new facts of detention of the General-the traitor Shaytanov. He had the alias of the Bachelor.

We also wrote that in Ukraine there were different views about the arrest of the General security service Shaytanov. Some believe that it is specially framed security services of Russia.