The ventilators sent by Russia to the United States, was the same model that appeared in the fires of death in Russian hospitals

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They are not used in American clinics and now state governments abandon them. Reuters said the press Secretary of the US Agency for emergency situations (FEMA) Janet Montesi

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The Agency also indicates that the ventilator “Aventa-M” could be the cause of death of six patients in the Russian clinics, where he was treated from coronavirus infection

EMERCOM of Russia for Saint-Petersburg

The authorities of the American States, received as humanitarian aid from Russia resuscitators “Aventa-M” Ural instrument engineering plant refuse from them to ascertain the cause of the fire at the hospital of St. Petersburg, which arose, according to preliminary data, due to the ignition of such a device. About it reported in a press-service of the U.S. Agency for emergency situations (FEMA).

Devices “Aventa-M” was part of the medical aid sent by Russia to the U.S. in early April. While in the States of new York and new Jersey predicted an acute shortage of the ventilator, so the machines were delivered to the warehouses, belonging to two States, explained in FEMA.

The official representative of Department told TASS that the Russian equipment is not required, it did not deliver in hospitals and are not used, but left in reserve in case of deterioration of the situation. Now as a precaution, States return of the Russian resuscitators Agency for emergency situations.

“The findings of the investigation conducted by the Russian authorities about a fire in St. Petersburg, will help us make the decision concerning any future use of these resuscitators”, – reported in FEMA.

Russia does not use the devices manufactured from April 1,

Representatives of the health departments of the States of new York and new Jersey said the portal BuzzFeed News that, in total, received 45 of the ventilator from Russia and now return them to the Federal authorities. New York received 30 units, NJ – 15. The Department of health of new Jersey noted that it had not used Russian equipment due to compatibility issues of electrical networks: the us equipment is designed for 110 volt, and Russian – on 220 volts.

Russian medical equipment came to the US from Russia in early April not free. That the States paid for humanitarian aid reported by the state Department. The Russian foreign Ministry recognized that half the value of the goods was paid for by the Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF) and half – American side alone.

While RDIF and the concern radio-Electronic technologies (KRET), which includes the manufacturer of devices “Aventa-M”, 2014 included in the sanctions list of the USA in connection with the events in Ukraine. According to a former coordinator for sanctions policy of the USA state Department Daniel fried, RDIF entered against the sanctions include a ban on raising loans and borrowings. Sanctions against the group KRET also introduce visa bans for managers and prohibit American citizens and companies to carry on with the concern KRET any economic activity and to buy produced by the equipment.

“We are talking about humanitarian medical goods in terms of the epidemic, so in this case could be made certain exceptions,” suggested the diplomat in conversation with the Russian service of the BBC.

In early may it became known that Russia has exposed the United States by April humanitarian assistance in 660 thousand dollars. According to the inventory provided by TV company ABC Agency, FEMA, the shipment contained 4 thousand industrial gas masks M-95, completely covering the face and the for hospitals, 15 thousand respirators, 80 thousand packages of antiseptic, 400 thousand various items of medical clothing, including protective overalls, and gloves 30 thousand, including economic.

Devices IVD “Aventa M” presumably caused fires that occurred in hospital of a name of Spasokukotskogo in Moscow and St George in Saint Petersburg, respectively, 9 and 12 may. They both took sick with coronavirus. In the capital, when a fire killed one patient, in St. Petersburg there are five.

According to TASS, the devices in both hospitals was made at the Ural instrument plant, which is one of the largest holdings of Rostec concern of the KRET radio-Electronic technologies. According to representatives of concern, we consider several versions of the causes of fires related to the condition of networks and utilities infrastructure, hospitals, medical equipment, and compliance with fire safety measures.

The company claimed that the equipment previously passed the appropriate tests, including under high load. Ventilators under the brand name “Aventa” are delivered in medical institutions of Russia since 2012. Complaints to their safety was not, however, there were frequent breakdowns of equipment which was fixed with the help of foreign parts.

The CONCERN this year received contracts for the supply of the ventilator without competition: the company received the right as the sole supplier to enter into direct contracts with regional departments, health ministries and hospitals in the regions of Russia. Now the supply of machines in the hospital is suspended, but in Moscow and St. Petersburg clinics already delivered more than 200 units, each of which could potentially fail. Roszdravnadzor will check the quality and the safety of others of the ventilator.