Snowfall in Latvia, may 12, 2020

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Snowfall in Lithuania, may 12, 2020

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12 may the may snowfall was not only in the North-Western regions of Russia, but also in neighbouring countries – Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus. Here, the warm weather was replaced by a strong cold. The locals, on the eve admiring the lush greenery was very surprised to see the winter landscapes.

For the Latvian town of Bauska and Daugavpils this snow was the most recent in the history of observations. In the East of Latvia, including in Rezekne, Jekabpils, Gulbene and Aluksne, record preserved for 19 may 1990. In the whole country the late snow was registered on 29 may 1953, then the thickness of the snow cover in Kazdanga was 5 cm, according to the portal

The snowfall has passed and many districts of Lithuania. This morning, many people woke up, watched out the window an unusual picture, they haven’t even seen last winter, said

In the Northern and Western regions of Finland, winter is slowly beginning to regain their position back on may 10. In the Central and southern parts of the country, this day is enjoyed warm, Sunny weather, but on may 11 there is already expected to five inches of snow, reports Yle.

According to Yle meteorologist Anne of Borgstrom, cause sudden changes in the weather is a cyclone in the Arctic ocean. “In the East the temperature managed to climb to 18 degrees. At the same time on the West coast the temperature dropped below 5 degrees. The strong drop of temperature resulted in precipitation,” says Borgstrom.

Very cold and Belarus. Here winter is back in the Grodno and Minsk region. Night on bolshej parts of territory of the Republic was observed precipitation of varying intensity (rain, sleet), places in the West of the country – weak ice. In some areas occurred thunderstorms. In the daytime, at night in many parts of the country intensified wind gusts of up to 12-19 m/s in Places in the Grodno area there is snow cover up to 1 cm, according to Belhydromet.


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