Zelensky for the NYT: I was expecting war, not impeachment trump or pandemic

Vladimir Zelensky

KIEV. May 20. UNN. The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky did not expect to gain international popularity after one phone call, and in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus hopes for international cooperation. He told about it in an article for the New York Times, summing up the year on a post of the head of state, reports UNN.

“A year has passed. Let’s start long before the “coronavirus” has become a familiar word. Remember the impeachment of President trump? After a chase for most of my life in the entertainment industry, it only took one phone call, to become a truly world famous. The history of impeachment, I did not like. This diverted the attention of America and the international community from issues that had the greatest importance for Ukraine, and turned our country into a story about President trump,” — said the President.

According to him, another important issue with which he was faced: the occupation by Russia-backed illegal armed formations of Donbass.

“All this may sound like ancient history, because in March I had to face another serious crisis, which I share with all the other leaders in the world: pandemic coronavirus. In Ukraine there were more than 19 000 cases Covid-19 and, unfortunately, some 600 deaths. We had to restructure our budget to cope with the global economic crisis,” says Zelensky.

But, according to him, there is a thing that gives hope amid all these crises is the international cooperation.

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“No matter how many opinions, rumors and theories circulating around my phone call with my American colleague, and despite the fact that the conflict led to the impeachment of trump, Ukraine remains a good partner and friend of the United States. We received military aid, we need to continue to ensure the independence of our country. We have the support of both Democrats and Republicans, as well as ordinary people throughout the United States,” he said.

As noted Zelensky, when it comes to the war in the East of Ukraine, the President understands that diplomacy and dialogue is the only options.

He stated that he has made a priority the resumption of meetings of the leaders of Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine in the “channel format”.

He also napoil to resume the dialogue with Russia, after which she returned to the three ships and 24 Ukrainian seafarers seized a year earlier, there was a dilution of the forces in the Donbass, as well as an exchange of prisoners.

“However, the war in Ukraine has undermined security and stability of Europe, and we need more help from our allies to put an end to it,” said the President.

“Of course, I recognize that a pandemic has destroyed everything. Social distancing goes hand in hand with the political distancing. The crisis has forced many countries to focus primarily on their internal problems. This is understandable, but in the era of transnational crises that do not stop at borders, we should not lose sight of the enormous potential of international cooperation”, — he stressed.

According to Zelensky, Ukraine is not a rich nation, but decided to help other countries. So, the world’s largest cargo plane, was developed by Ukrainians, delivers medicines from China to Poland, France, Germany and other EU countries. At the beginning of some doctors sent to Italy.

“We have also received support from many United States and European Union have provided millions of dollars and euros in financial aid to combat coronavirus; Turkey and the United Arab Emirates has sent us the necessary humanitarian assistance in the form of medical equipment and means of protection. We are waiting for the promised aid from the International monetary Fund and other countries to stabilize the economy after the pandemic. The road to recovery is long. The war in Donbas is not over. But when I look back on my first year in the position and waiting a second, I have hope. Together we will make the world — and Ukraine — a better place,” — said the head of state.

As reported UNN, earlier the first Deputy head of the delegation of Ukraine in the Tripartite contact group, Vice-Prime Minister Alexey Reznikov said that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is ready to host a new meeting “channel four”, there would be only political will of all parties.