As have informed in the state concern “Ukroboronprom”, the tank was buried to a depth of five meters and has successfully overcome such a depth of ten meters distance.

At this time, specialists manufacturer experienced basic tactical and technical characteristics of the tank as it driving under water. And modernized Ukrainian tank has proved itself from the best side.

The next phase of testing T-72 will be held in an environment as close to combat.

Firing will be conducted from the closed anti-aircraft and guided missile launches. Will be assessed a new, modernized armament.

For precision shooting with a night vision device with electro-optical converters, as well as a night sight, which can fire a guided missile.

Also on this tank is fitted with a new, more powerful, navigation equipment, ultramodern electronics. They have been proven during sea trials of the combat vehicle, which took place on the roads of various types (concrete, dirt, dirt), as well as in cross-country.

Recall Ukrainian drone bombers “Thunder” has successfully passed the new stage of testing. It is able to accelerate to 120 km/hour, and in addition to hitting various shells, even the small targets.

In addition, the Network has caused a furore footage of Ukrainian cruise missiles, “Neptune”, which with a jeweler’s precision during tests on the ground struck a marine target.