Povoroznik resigned to ensure an independent investigation – expert

KIEV. 18 APR. UNN. First Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv city state administration Mykola Povoroznyk asked to dismiss to ensure an independent investigation. This opinion on his Facebook expressed political analyst Viktor Taran.

“I read in the news that Povoroznik asked Klitschko to remove himself from the post of first Deputy Chairman of the KSCA at the time of investigation. Good and proper initiative when you need details to understand this ambiguous situation,” – said the analyst.

In his opinion, such a step the official, first, proved that the position does not hold, and reputation more important to him than any chair. That is a good example for other officials.

“Second – Poworoznik has demonstrated that it will not affect the result. Resigned from the post to provide an independent investigation. And this proves the interest in as soon as possible to supply the public the “I” in this story. And also says that he is confident in his innocence,” stated Viktor Taran.

Earlier, Nicholas Poworoznik said it was a provocation and demanded an immediate investigation into unfounded accusations of bribery. He cited documentary evidence that is not a suspect in the case – he was summoned to the national police as a witness.