The head of “DNR” Denis Pushilin and “foreign Minister” Natalia Nikonorova, along with his father and brother are actually “rented” the “Republic,” according to the Telegram-channel “Freethinker”.

The truth about the “special relationship” Nikanorovoj Pushilin and opened the Russian analyst Roman Manekin, who for several years lived in Donetsk.

“…Manipulative, ex-assistant of Parliament Deputy who took the post of Minister of foreign Affairs “DNR”, says publicly that the DNR in 2014, supposedly there were no experts with diplomatic experience,” says Manekin.

From the social networks it became known that the 30-year-old brother “Minister” Alexey Nikonorov, Deputy chief of staff of the “National Council”, the representative of “DNR” on security issues at the talks in Minsk. According to rumors, the position in the “Republic” was due to connections and influence of his father.

Father Yurii Nikonorov — head of “Department of industry”, “DNR”. At the beginning of the “Russian spring” in Donetsk Nikonorov “squeezed” real estate and other property from civilians, was involved in the kidnappings. Pushilin periodically appealed for help to Nikonorova to solve their own interests in the ORDO.

By the way, a Russian resource writes that Pushilin and Nikanorovoj have property on the territory of the Russian Federation, where they, according to the residence permit and registration in the territory of the Russian Federation of the vehicle (a luxury “Mercedes”) live together.

Earlier, representatives of Ukraine in the negotiations in the Trilateral contact group showed the Russian passport of the representatives of “L/DNR”, which the Kremlin wants to sit at the negotiating table.

Moreover, it became known about the problems Denis Pushilin and loss of prestige among residents of the ORDO. For the salvation of the rating of the leader “DNR” urgently summoned the Russian political science.

Anastasia Yugov