Today the Armed forces of Ukraine suffered another loss: he became Lieutenant Colonel, commander of the 1st separate tank brigade of Seversk Yuri Miakova.

This information is reported by the press service of the military units at the page in “Facebook”.

It happened in the area of Operations of the United forces: the official cause of death of the soldier remains unknown. According to unconfirmed reports, Majakov died from heart failure, meanwhile other official versions at this time was not reported.

Command a tank brigade of the armed forces expressed his condolences in connection with untimely death of an officer.

“Today’s heart stopped a courageous patriot, a warrior and protector of Ukraine, the commander of a tank brigade of Yuri Miakova. He gave his life for what he believed, what he lived and what he valued: for freedom and peace in Ukraine, for a decent life of the Ukrainian people”, – stated in the message.

Yuri Mirakov took part in anti-terrorist operations in 2014: a year he led the headquarters of the 28th separate mechanized brigade, and in 2018 he was transferred to Siver armored brigade. A year later he became its commander, and held the post until his death.

Earlier, we reported that in the area of environmental protection APU soldiers were shot down an enemy drone: the aircraft could carry out reconnaissance missions. The day before the Ukrainian military in the Donbass militants retaliated “L/DNR” for the death of his sister: the enemy has killed and wounded.

At the same time, the Ukrainian people, despite the aggressive statements from the mouth of ORDO militants and Russian invaders has shown a willingness to protect the integrity and independence of their country.

Evgeny Ustimenko