Militants “DNR” are scared and say that
Ukrainian military aircraft allegedly runs on the demarcation line in
around Donetsk. Telegram channel fighters “posted by Kitty”
reports that the sounds of aircraft of the Ukrainian air force allegedly heard the line “DNR” and in the city of Donetsk.

Russian mercenaries claim that the Ukrainian army
increases initiative, however, no evidence on the part of staff about OOS maneuvers
aviation has not been received.

The message you’re quoting users of social networks – reports Диалог.UA

“Donetsk has told comrades that the enemy
attempts of flight of attack aircraft in the immediate vicinity
the line of demarcation, that is actually the positions of the DNI and the city limits of Donetsk. The sounds of stairs
the enemy aircraft at the moment clearly hear people in the North
and Western areas of the capital of the DNI. This was not fixed in 2014”,

it is noted in the message of militants.

Russian mercenary also said that the so-called
the air defense forces of the “DNR” do not react to what is happening and took a wait and see

Ukrainian users of social networks think that
the Russians have put forward another fake.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that the impact of the APU on position “L/DNR” with the use of a drone caught on video, “flew apart”.

We also wrote that the Roman Donica showed “third force” Donbas: “it happens when a fire at positions of the APU”.

Mark Voroshilov