Trump said that the US is past the peak incidence of coronavirus

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The US passed the peak of the epidemic coronavirus infection and can resume economic activity. This was announced by President Donald trump at the daily briefing at the White house, reports Reuters. Trump announced that on April 16 announced the “new guidelines” to be formulated in a separate document and will allow the reopening of the enterprise.

“The battle continues, but there is evidence that the nation has passed the peak in new cases,” said trump. He insists on the resumption of work of enterprises and cancellation instructions to stay home due to the spread of the disease. Monday, April 13, trump said at the briefing that he has the authority to overrule the decisions of state governors and give the team the businesses reopened.

April 15, the White house held a conference call with the leaders of American business. The Agency reports that among the participants of the conference calls was chief Executive officer of Amazon Jeff Bezos and Facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg. Subsequently, trump said that the calls gave a lot of good ideas “about how to safely restart our economy,” and the restrictions previously imposed on the business and social life can be partially canceled by may 1.

The governors of 20 States with a small number of cases of coronavirus believe that they are ready to reboot the economy to the planned date President, said Wednesday a senior official of health. The governors of the most affected by the coronavirus States – new York, California, Louisiana, new Jersey, Massachusetts and Michigan – I believe that before the lifting of restrictions necessary mass screening of Americans for coronavirus. Meanwhile, deaths from the coronavirus in the United States on April 16 increased to 30 of 985 people, the number of confirmed cases to 639 664 people. Total number tested in the country is 3 million 261 thousand 611 people.

At the same time the largest banks of the country are to a catastrophic collapse of the us economy – 40%. In April due to plant closures and quarantine, the country will lose about 25 million jobs. For the second quarter will lose at least one million Americans per month. For the past three weeks in the United States has filed 16.8 million applications for benefits. And although the third quarter should begin rising, the return will only be one-third loss in the first half of the year. By the end of 2020, Morgan Stanley predicts decline in real GDP of 5.5% – the largest drop since 1946.

In the Budgetary control of Congress believe that GDP will miss at least 28% in the second quarter, but a negative scenario, “the scale could be much greater”. At Credit Suisse expect a record reduction in U.S. GDP of 33.5% in this quarter. This means that the period 1 April to 30 June will be the worst in the entire history of observations since 1945. And 27 of the 139 cities in the United States will suffer more than others.