In the report of the Central Bank of Russia for April 21, saying,
that a day earlier the Bank spent to maintain the exchange rate of the ruble to a record 222
million dollars. It is noted that the currency went down after the price of oil
WTI futures were negative. However, injections have not helped the ruble
continued to fall.

Recall that the fall of the Russian currency began on April 17,
then the auction closed at 73,99 of the ruble. Already on 20 April, the ruble was worth 75,55
for a dollar, and on 21 April, the fall accelerated, and the ruble weakened to 77.08 RUB over
dollar. On the morning of 22 in the number of trades opened in the area 77,49 rubles per dollar.

Last week the Central Bank poured into the market about 193 million
dollars (14.8 billion), and on Monday increased the amount to 222 million
(16.8 billion rubles).

It is noted that the Bank intends to sell the currency on the market to
until will not start selling the reserves of the national Fund

Before the media found out that in Russia the authorities have developed two
scenarios in which may have to live the country if the quarantine and the crisis
will be exacerbated. According to one forecast, the dollar will exceed 80
rubles, another – around 90.

Recall that in the new macroeconomic overview
The national rating Agency says that the Russian economy
incredibly strongly affected by the coronavirus. About 15 million people can
to remain without work and the industry will shrink by 18 trillion.

Earlier it was reported that the price of Brent crude fell below
$ 16, this is the lowest price for 21 last year. Journalists clarify
what we are not talking about oil futures, the price of which dropped to negative