Worldwide fixed 2 709 483 cases of coronavirus, 8 of them 022 cases identified in Belarus. Over the past day in the Republic, recorded the maximum growth of infected COVID-19 – plus 741 people.

As of 24 April in Belarus from the coronavirus recovered 938, and 60 died. According to the press service of the Ministry of health of Belarus, among cases for more than 400 health care workers.

Alexander Lukashenko has collected all the authorities of Belarus in the Palace of Independence to discuss who recommendations for the introduction of quarantine measures.

“They recommended us to introduce measures including a curfew, I stress again: it is necessary – introduce, isolate cities, towns and villages. But today this problem faces the country? No,” Lukashenka is quoted by his press service.

In schools and universities are still ongoing classes. Some parents stopped to let children on the school, classes are half empty.

Recall that in the last 24 hours in Ukraine revealed 477 new cases of the coronavirus, including 28 children and 90 health workers.

See also: in Spain there are already 89 250 recovered from the coronavirus people. The number of deaths from the virus while not decreasing: as of 24 April, died 22 157 of the Spaniards.