The Czech Republic was the first in Europe, announced the lifting of the quarantine on the entire territory of the state, in addition, the country has announced the opening of its borders for foreign citizens. This was stated by the Minister of health of the Czech Republic Vojtech Adam during a press briefing.

According to the publication, the lifting of the quarantine comes into force from today, April 24. Moreover, now in the Czech Republic are free to come and fly the citizens of countries around the world. But in order to get into the country, you must fulfill a number of conditions.

“We have decided to cancel Friday, April 24, a ban on the free movement of citizens in the Czech Republic. In order to enter the country, you must provide a negative test for COVID-19. In the near future in the Czech Republic will start working universities, fitness clubs and other places of a mass congestion of people” – said in a statement the head of the Czech Ministry of health.

At the same time as today it is known that in the Czech Republic discovered 7 138 cases of coronavirus, 210 people died, more than 2 100 already recovered.

Earlier, we reported that in the center of the Czech capital of Prague and dismantled the monument to the famous Soviet military leader, Marshal of the Soviet Union Ivan Konev. This angered the infamous Olga Skobeeva.

At the same time, amid the diplomatic conflict between the Czech Republic and Russia due to the demolition of the monument to Marshal Konev from Moscow to Prague arrived”Russian threat”, which the initiators of the demolition provided by the police.