The Ukrainians were told where you can use digital passport during the quarantine

KIEV. April 22. UNN. Digital passport app “Diya”, which became available today, can be used during the quarantine, for identification police officer and for receiving packages in the mail. This was announced during the presentation of passports head of the migration service of Ukraine Maxim Sokoluk, the correspondent of UNN.

“While travel e-passport abroad is impossible. But it deals with not only Ukraine but the whole world,” he said Sokolyk.

According to him, during the quarantine, passport, the smartphone can be used as follows:

– to identify the police
– at the post office to receive parcels or letters
– to buy alcoholic beverages, to confirm the attainment of majority,
– can be used in the medical and banking institutions, in obtaining administrative services.

“Working hard to be able to use a digital ID to receive a ballot in the election,” he added Sokoluk.

He also added that after the quarantine measures for a digital passport to travel domestically by air or by rail.

Recall before the end of the year on the portal “Diya” will be 50 electronic services. In particular, it will appear optimized services for the registration of a child online, services in the field of construction, social protection, registration of legal entities.