Yesterday in Russia “exploded” Vladikavkaz: region emotional
demanded from the government explanation about the epidemiological situation and
material support. An empty Treasury and the “extra people” on the ground are not allowed
peacefully resolve a difficult situation.

In the end, the demonstrators clashed with the police, and
the organizers still grabbed and arrested for two months. Now propagandists vengeance
will make them an enemy and a traitor who is stirring things up in
difficult time. But they keep silence, why 1.5 thousand people, as one, rose
and came to the administration building. The real cause of popular revolt until
dubbed from TV screens that receive money from the Kremlin and the related

“I believe that this story is extremely important and it certainly need
pay attention, because this is a sign of the new times,” – said the journalist
Alexei Pivovarov.

The real reason, according to Russian journalists, that’s what people
sitting in isolation with no money and not feel the power of them somehow helps. And
this situation, of course, any occasion can cause real popular

“How to deal with it? You can fight it only by money. It again
shows how in such a difficult situation it is important to support citizens and small
business financial, directly,” according to the media.

Bloggers are less restrained in the estimates of the rebellion. So, the author of the channel “Audio article” Pavel Ivanov said that the authorities must change the approach to care: “across the country people are asking themselves the question: how will we live? Sit at home, and that? What to feed the children? Until August, until October or before may 1? But already in may will be required to pay for utilities, loans, threatening to take away the apartment. And we have no money!”

He noted that the meetings, which usually convened from all over the Moscow, going to less people than yesterday in Vladikavkaz. And this conviction of the Russian authorities.

By the way, in addition to Vladikavkaz, serious problems in Rostov-on-don, Armavir, and probably in the near future can begin in Makhachkala. The rest of the regions “flash” a bit later.

But the Kremlin is nowhere to take the money. Russian oil dramatically
collapsed in March, having made a huge dent in the budget, and the future looks
even darker than the past. In the world market fuel goes negative and already
companies offer to pay for hydrocarbons, just to release your
clogged store and save field.

Here and the ruble has responded to the global trend, but to strengthen its Moscow
not. In addition to problems with oil, COVID-19 “fever” Russia is not going to leave.

Julia Bulyga specifically for Диалог.UA.