As told the TV channel France 3 shot video architect Christophe Legrand, DOE took to the streets of the Paris suburb around 8 a.m.

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In a pandemic of a new type of coronavirus, authorities in different countries have taken steps which the majority of the population almost never leaves their homes, greatly reduced the number of cars on the roads, rarely fly the planes, reduced marine traffic and environmental situation improves. All this has affected the behavior of wild animals, about the wonderful meetings which continue to report from different parts of the world.

In France, April 12 for the city of Boissy-Saint-léger, located 17 kilometres from Paris, walked two deer, reports RFI.

As told the TV channel France 3 shot video architect Christophe Legrand, DOE took to the streets of the Paris suburb about 8 o’clock in the morning. “I was cooking Breakfast and heard a strange sound. It was not like the sound of horses. From the window I saw two deer with horns, which was easily crossed from one street to another,” he explained to journalists.

The mayor of the city of Boissy-Saint-Leger Less Charbonnier explained that 70% of the area of the commune is covered by forests or parks. “Sometimes we see deer on the outskirts at night, but they never went into the city centre. Usually the police are trying to drive them back to the Park. But this video DOE behave calmly and even look around, crossing the road,” he said.

In Israel, an unusual sight can be seen in Hayarkon Park – one of the main green areas of tel Aviv. In normal times here, do sport, walking, kayaking and attending concerts of thousands of people. Now, in terms of quarantine, the Park is almost empty. As a result, dozens of dragons that lived on its outskirts, bolder and more feel at ease on a deserted lawns and walkways, according to Euronews.

The government of Mexico because of the epidemic of the new type of coronavirus has banned people from visiting the beaches. In the village of Ventanilla, Oaxaca, which is a famous eco-tourism centre, left the territory of the sea and the lagoon, tourists, merchants and fishermen. In their absence, left their shelters and returned to the beach, crocodiles, reports Stormnews.

In other parts of the country also reported return of wild animals. So, in Cancun, the famous resort on the Caribbean sea in the state of Quintana Roo, in one of the districts saw a Jaguar on the beach, and appeared leatherback turtle with a body length 2.15 m and width 1.4 m. These reptiles are the largest modern turtles.

And in the lagoon of Bacalar, another tourist centre of the state of Quintana Roo, has captured the otter. These animals are not seen for many years:

La naturaleza nos sigue sorprendiendo, en esta ocasión podemos observar una nutria 🦦 en la Laguna de los 7 Colores, Bacalar como hace mucho tiempo no se and he. @Alex_ZetinaA @tyaraschleske @anapatyp @josedelapena12 @visitbacalar @79FIDEL

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