Today, April 21, Queen Elizabeth II
turned 94 years. It is noted that the Queen will be celebrating her 94th birthday with
his 98-year-old husband Prince Philip at Windsor castle. With the rest
relatives and family she will be contacted by video conference in the Zoom.

The pandemic COVID-19 monarch for the first time in many years
abandoned the traditional gun salute and celebrations in General. Note that
the celebration is usually celebrated twice a year. One for close range and the other for
the whole of the UK.

One of the first global leaders Queen on holiday
congratulated the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. In his address he appealed
Elizabeth II on behalf of all Ukrainians.

It is noted that the head of state assured that the Queen is
a symbol of courage, faith and devotion. He also wished her good health, harmony and

Recall that Elizabeth II is the oldest monarch in
the history of the country and has served 67 years in a row.

Before the media learned that Queen Elizabeth II for the first time in 68 years
canceled a long tradition of gun salute in London. Her Majesty considers
fireworks and other celebrations are inappropriate in the midst of the epidemic of the coronavirus.

Earlier it was reported that the pandemic coronavirus Queen of England along with his beloved dog left London. At the time of quarantine
Elizabeth II 98-year-old husband Prince Philip will be at Windsor castle.

Before it became known that the 71-year-old Prince Charles overcame
COVID-19. Personal physician to the heir to the throne confirmed that the son of Queen Elizabeth II is fully healthy, and gave permission to no longer be on
isolation in residence at Balmoral.