The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine officially extend the quarantine throughout the country until may 11. This was stated today by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal during a Cabinet meeting.

Today there was also the start date of the peak of coronavirus diseases in the country: Cabinet officials expect an increase in the number of infected in the period from 3 to 8 may. This means that it is too early to talk about the complete removal of any restrictions in the country, however, as stated by Denis Shmyhal, will need gradually to remove certain restrictive measures this week.

We also learned that the quarantine will be extended for students and older people, at the same time able-bodied citizens of Ukraine will gradually be able to go to work.

Earlier, we reported that, according to Denis Smagala, for the entire 2020 is unlikely to overcome the coronavirus and the world health organization predicts that the next two years in the history of mankind will be rather difficult.

At the same time for a period of quarantine in Ukraine, citizens will offer jobs with salaries in the area of 6-8 thousand. The Cabinet of Ministers is working to create 500 thousand jobs in the country.