The Rolling Stones for the first time in 8 years released a song and dedicated it to coronavirus

KIEV. April 24. UNN. Iconic British rock band The Rolling Stones released their first in eight years, the single, which was dedicated to pandemic coronavirus. The announcement posted Thursday on the website of the team. Composition Living in a Ghost Town was recorded in conditions of isolation, reports UNN.

“The Rolling Stones were recording new music in Studio quarantine, which was imposed due to (spread of disease) COVID-19, and one of the tracks we worked on, Living in a Ghost Town, in fact, is closely intertwined with what we are experiencing today, so we wanted to share it with you. Recorded in Los Angeles, in London, in the conditions of isolation”, — stated in the message.

The four-minute song accompanied by a clip filmed on the deserted streets of cities around the world. On the screen appear deserted London underground, Piccadilly circus, Thames embankment, the Hollywood walk of fame, districts of Cape town, Tokyo, Oslo and Toronto. These shots are interspersed by videos of the musicians made in the Studio.

The last time the team has released a new song in 2012. It was a song of Doom and Gloom and One More Shot, included in the compilation album GRRR!. In 2016, first saw the light in 11 years Studio album, Blue & Lonesome, but it consisted entirely of cover versions of Blues songs.

The band the Rolling Stones, was created 58 years ago, in 1960-e years and in that time was the main “competitor” of The Beatles, but unlike the “fab four”, not broke and continued as the release of new discs, and concert performances. It is considered one of the most successful teams in the history of rock music. 21 composition of The Rolling Stones entered the top ten of the charts in the UK, with eight of them rose to the top.

Recall the rock group The Who released the album for the first time in 13 years.