Journalists were able to find out the real name of the terrorist
Luck, who took hostages and
keeps them in the bus. The real name of the criminal – Compressor Maksim Stepanovich,
he has a residence permit of the city of Dubno, Rivne region.

Media noted that the name of the Bad Maxim which he
signed yourself on social networks is just an alias.

“Volyn news” became the first to find out
detailed information about the man who previously served prison time in the first
once landed in jail at the age of 18 years. Journalists also reported that the man
forcibly treated in a psychiatric clinic.

His birthplace is Russia: Compressor native village Gai in Orenburg region of the Russian Federation.

6 years ago, he sold the apartment and got married while in prison.

At the moment it is known that he was born in
intelligent family, but under the influence of kinoboeviki was fascinated by weapons and
criminal activity. The first prison term was associated with the creation of the gang
while his personal recognition of the prison has had a heavy influence.

According to people who recognized him, the man
gave the impression of adequate human, however strange. He often changed
phone numbers and spoke little about specific data.

Earlier it was reported that a terrorist captured near the bus in luck heard gunfire.

Recall that the unknown man barricaded himself in the bus with hostages in the centre of Lutsk. It is noted that it may be explosives and automatic weapons.

Mark Voroshilov