MP of Ukraine, member of the “Opposition platform For Life” Oleg Voloshin was hit in the face activist who doused his brilliant green under walls of the Verkhovna Rada.

Video of the incident appeared on YouTube channel “Our source reports”, reports Диалог.UA.

We will remind that today under the Parliament building on Voloshin was attacked: he was doused with green paint a few people. The MP from the “opsi” accused of anti-Ukrainian statements: Voloshin on the day of the 30th anniversary of adoption of Declaration on state sovereignty of Ukraine, stated that today the country is not left of this sovereignty. They say, it “gave”, however, one in particular, Voloshin said.

This moment was captured on video in the Telegram-channel “Ukrainian Dialogue”, however, the story is not over. After attacking the MP was detained by police and began to drag him away, Voloshin lost his temper and struck the prisoner in the face. He was immediately dragged from the detainee, but both accused each other of corruption: Voloshin accused that he works for Russia, in turn, the MP said that Ukraine “has sold Soros, the IMF and the United States.”

Earlier, Oleg Voloshin has become the party fights: he called activists “smelly monsters”, but the police separated the conflicting parties.

In addition, Voloshin said that at the Donbass Russia is not at war with Ukraine: according to him, fighting against Mat “citizens with Ukrainian passports, of which there are most”.

Evgeny Ustimenko