In the occupied part of the Donbass Russian mercenaries
turned people’s lives in a real ghetto, to leave which is necessary
to obtain special types of permits.

The militants not only did not release the inhabitants of “DNR”
on the territory of Ukraine, but also blocked the passage to the next “LPR”,
where, in their own words, lives by the same “people of Donbass”.

Telegram-channel “Donbass Case” spoke about
the situation in the occupied territories, where Russia is taking an increasingly
repressive methods against the local residents.

“The inhabitants of “DNR”, who do not want
native to sit in a ghetto with a curfew and be content with what
available, the crossing of different kinds blakeston and CAT has become something akin to
a national sport.

Moreover, to overcome the difficulties in the form of hours
queues and idiotic bureaucratic procedures have even for those who decided to
the journey, even in the framework of the “DNR”. For example, to visit the resort of syedove, penetrate
which you can now exclusively pre-submitted lists and complete
information submitted to the authorities.

Laze on the famous beaches of the resort is now
only those who rest in official pensions-the taxpayers, or he
is a natural entrepreneur. On visits to relatives or friends to the sea
sure, too much freedom of movement to citizens of the “DNR” to anything. By the way, brothers
“LC” can’t go for a vacation to syedove and Nameless.

Are you worthy to go in a mass “LPR”, where
lives, according to the ideologues, the same people of Donbass, to solve
Commission. Of Ukraine, “DNR” the border is closed, and arriving in Russia,
the need to serve a 14-day quarantine. Below is the message brave woman who
decided to storm the checkpoints on the way to the sea”
– the authors

Earlier Dialogie reported that in Luhansk said about the defeat: “Ukraine wins and Russia is trying to make a good mine at bad game”.

We also wrote that the Kazan noted an interesting point in the behavior of Russia in the TAG: “is frankly ridiculous.”

Mark Voroshilov