Today, July 1, in Russia ended a week-long vote for the amendment of the Constitution. For this reason in the center of Moscow there was a protest.

Online broadcast of the protests on Pushkin square of the Russian capital available on YouTube.

Russia has already started the counting of the plebiscite on amendments to the Constitution. According to preliminary data of the CEC, they will be accepted. So, after treatment with 15% of ballots 71% of votes in favor and 27% against. However, many Russians do not trust these figures.

At the protest in Moscow was made by the party to campaign a “No” Marina Litvinovich. She says that alternative exit poll showed quite different figures.

“Today in Peter and Moscow worked a lot of volunteers, who conducted exit polls — We see that there are 50 to 50 results. In the largest cities, people said, ”No, we don’t want”! It is very clearly heard… No matter what today, the power we will announce, 85% or 75% for amendments. Today began a new process. The authorities will have to reckon with the fact that they have half the population of the largest cities says No” – she said to journalists.

In the protest, according to the latest data, about 500 people. And this despite the risk of arrest and prosecution.

“Down with the king!”, “We brewed a lie”, “I/We, the Russian Constitution”, “the Best amendment – Putin resign!” – with these posters came some participants.

Per share was driven by a huge number of security forces and paddy wagons. The Kremlin, probably, preparing for mass arrests. However, while the situation is peaceful.

It should be noted that the amended Constitution would allow Putin to reset their presidential terms. Now he can “legally” rule in Russia until 2036.

Earlier Dialogie reported that Belkovsky told why Putin in his address to the nation silent about the Constitution: “He firmly promised.”

We also wrote that the leader “Russia-24” resigned because of amendments to the Constitution.

Tatiana Shevchenko