Deutsche Bank economists Peter Sidorov and Christian Rag
made calculated forecasts indicating how far Russia has enough money
from the national welfare Fund to support the economy, if the oil
Urals will cost from $15 to $30 per barrel. A report published in RBC.

It is reported that the current size of SWFs is about $120
billion, the Fund was empty by 2.1 trillion rubles for the purchase of the savings Bank. When
this liquid part of the Fund in the ruble equivalent at the current rate of 9
trillion rubles.

According to the calculations of Deutsche Bank, at a cost of Urals 15
dollars per barrel and price stabilization in this range of money in the Fund will be enough
for two years. Recall that while the cost is a little lower and is 12

If the oil will rise to the level of 30 dollars per barrel,
money in the Fund, enough for six years. Earlier, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov
assured that even with the price of oil to $ 20 a barrel of money in the SWF
enough for 5 years.

Earlier it was reported that Russian Urals crude oil fell below
$12 per barrel and continues to decline. Thus, the price for Russian oil
reached the point at which the export duties are zeroed, and the Russian budget
will not obtain anything at all from the sale of oil.

We will remind, earlier in Russia demanded an end to the export
grains Saudi Arabia, which expels Russia from the oil markets of Europe and

Before it was reported that Saudi Arabia turned on the dumping
to the fullest and expels Russia from not only Asia, but also in Europe.
The first country in Europe that refused the oil of the Russian Federation, became Poland.