Ukrainian political expert, blogger and strategist Alex golobutsky in an exclusive interview to the correspondent the Internet-editions Диалог.UA expressed the opinion on numerous reports of serious illness and even the death of the Chairman of the State Council of the DPRK, the head of the workers ‘ party of Korea Kim Jong-UN.

“What a trump on Thursday (that is, a week after rumors of a minimum of health problems of Kim Jong-UN, who did not appear at the celebration of the birthday of his grandfather, Kim Il sung) said that the North Korean leader is all right, is not proof that it is. It only suggests that, in the interests of the Cabinet of trump to Kim Jong-UN continued to serve as leader of North Korea.

That is, if, for example, the party leadership of North Korea decides to launch double-puppets (which is, in General, at times acceptable practice for authoritarian regimes – with respect to the same Putin, experts have long been talking about a few doubles “in the wings” for awkward missions trips or in the event of sickness “original”) – US advance gave sign that he didn’t mind. Overall, this would be at least convenient for all stakeholders,” – emphasizes the expert.

Golobutsky stressed that Pyongyang under the guise of double Kim Jong-UN will be able in a few years without any problems to transfer power to one of the children of the leader of North Korea.

“Given that from the real contenders of the required age today there is only a younger sister, Kim yo Jong, and the old party elite is not ready for such progressorstva, like submissive young woman, the double will maintain the status quo. It is likely that some of the powers do will be given in this case, Kim yo Jong, but the formal status and she is not above “an alternate member of the Politburo.”

Will eventually grow up and be educated in the right way children Kim Jong-UN (no one has seen them, but they say at least three – perhaps the eldest son is now 10 years old). And the period of “hidden London” under the guise of double allow after 7-8 years without shocks to transmit the fourth official the power of the Kim dynasty.

If within this period the party leadership of North Korea will hold without the crises relations with the US and China – why not, it is may be so stretched in time castling” he said.

Prepared Georgy Borisenko, especially for Диалог.UA.

Recall that us intelligence has described the state Chairman of the State Council of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN.

In addition, a former official of the DPRK suggested that could happen to the North Korean leader.

As previously reported, the sister of Kim Jong-UN Kim-Jeong after the death of the leader of North Korea can lead the country.