In Ukraine, the prices of alcohol, mostly beer

KIEV. April 28. UNN. During the year the price of vodka in Ukraine increased by 1.2%. This is evidenced by data of the state Statistics Committee, reports UNN.

So, in March 2020, a bottle of vodka 0.5 litre cost an average of 92.25 UAH, while in March 2019 – 91,21 UAH.

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The cost of domestic table wine production has also increased – by 4%. In March 2020, a bottle of wine 0,75 l, cost an average of 66,9 UAH, while in March 2019 – 64,3 UAH.

Have significantly increased the cost of domestic production of beer by 9%, to 17.3 UAH for a bottle of drink with a volume of 0,5 L.

As written by the UNN, alcoholic manufacturer Ukraine increased the production volumes.

Will add that the experts have identified the TOP 5 most reliable manufacturers of allproducts in Ukraine, among them: “BAYADERA Group” (TM “Khlebny Dar”), “global spirits” (UDC) (TM “Khortytsya”), “LVN limited” (TM “Nemiroff”), distillery “Prime” (TM “Prime”, ” Zhitnik “, “Malinovka”) and OOO “Atlantis” (TM “green day”).