The crew of the First channel was deprived of accreditation in Belarus for the story about the deteriorating situation with the coronavirus in the country / Akishin Vyacheslav

The foreign Ministry of Belarus informed the Russian Embassy in the Republic of deprivation of accreditation of two journalists of the Russian First channel after story about “the dramatic deterioration of the situation with coronavirus” in the country / Budziszewski Nicholas

The foreign Ministry of Belarus informed the Russian Embassy in the Republic of deprivation of accreditation of two journalists of the Russian First channel after story about “the dramatic deterioration of the situation with coronavirus” in the country, reported RIA “news” in a press-service of the diplomatic mission.

On Wednesday, the First channel was a plot from the Belarusian city Columns, which stated that the official statistics on coronavirus is not credible to local residents. As an illustration, was shot panoramic picture of the local cemetery.

Press Secretary of the Belarusian foreign Ministry Anatoly Glaz has confirmed that the Commission on the accreditation of foreign journalists decided to withdraw the accreditation of a Russian journalist Alexei Kruchinina and its operator, Belarusian Sergey Panasyuk. The reasons for the decision it is not explained. Press service of the First channel called the withdrawal of accreditation the whole team is unfounded.

A source familiar with the situation said that the accreditation does not oblige journalists to leave the country – we are talking about the inability to carry out journalistic activities in Belarus. According to the Belarusian legislation, the professional activities of journalists of foreign media without an accreditation card of the Ministry of foreign Affairs in the country is not allowed.

State TV and radio company claims that the First channel is voiced in a single plot “seven fakes”, including outbreaks of diseases in Belarus after the Easter services and a countrywide clean-up and that new burial in the Columns associated with the coronavirus. “And this is an outright lie. The shot fall a young person who, unfortunately, died, but even in 2019 in accidents. About the people saying these juggling – the carrion eaters,” – said in a response plot of the channel “Belarus – 1”. Commenting on deprivation of accreditation of Russian crew, the channel stressed that the Belarusian foreign Ministry is ready “and on more stringent measures.”

Earlier the Belarusian foreign Ministry has already reacted to the reports of Alex Kruchinina, reminds In early April, the First channel produced a story, where he said that “in Belarus only during the day, have 400 people diagnosed COVID-19, and more recently, one well-known politician of this brotherly country told our correspondent: “here You see the virus? So I do not see””.

Then foreign Minister Vladimir Makei said that “absolutely unacceptable, when the mud flows into the country.” “Nobody knows what is right, what is not, time will put everything in its place. For me this is absolutely unacceptable in this situation, although I don’t think that is the position of all Russian channels or the entire Russian establishment. But it would be better to look at what is happening in the country,” said Mackay.

According to the health Ministry of Belarus on 6 may, the country registered 19 255 people who test positive for COVID-19. For the entire period of 112 patients died. The who has linked the rapid development of the epidemic of coronavirus in Belarus with the lack of “physical distancing”.

Lukashenko has repeatedly expressed the opinion that the danger of coronavirus exaggerated, called the situation “psychosis” and suggested “treatment” from the coronavirus alcohol, bath and selhozarteli.

The head of state believes that the isolation in the “rotten apartments, in the atmosphere of a virus” is killing people. According to him, for respiratory diseases, on the contrary need “to go outside, to breathe fresh air and ventilate the room”.

When in Belarus for a week has collected more than 150 thousand signatures under the petition demanding to urgently introduce in the Republic a quarantine coronavirus and sent her to the world health organization, Lukashenko gave another argument against him. “As we have here ranting in a circle around the quarantine, curfew, etc… It’s easiest, we’ll do it during the day, but what are we going to eat?” – said the head of state.

Quarantine in the country are not introduced. Despite warnings by the who since April 20, was reopened to study in schools. And on April 25, the authorities withdrew more than two million citizens in the Republican Saturday. It was attended by President Alexander Lukashenko and other officials. May 9, the country held a Victory parade, in connection with which the who has already expressed his concerns. Meanwhile, Lukashenko invited to the parade of the leaders of the countries of the former USSR and said that to come to Minsk wished some Russian MPs and senators.