Actor of Ukrainian origin Dmitry Dyachenko was found dead in his apartment in the USA. The star of the “Forbidden zone” for several days out of contact with loved ones. They worried about his silence called the police and when they came to his home, was shocked by what he saw – Dyachenko showed no signs of life, doctors pronounced him dead.

Dmitry Dyachenko was 52 years. A source told TMZ that the movie star body was found April 22 in his home in Daytona beach (Florida).

The publication notes that the death of actor is not associated coronavirus. In addition, the police in the preliminary examination did not reveal the deceased signs of violent death.

Dyachenko died, according to preliminary data, late in the evening of April 20 or early morning of April 21.

Stunned by the death of actor his family say he was in perfect physical condition and did not complain about his health.

Dmitry Dyachenko was born on 11 APR 1968 in California (USA) in a family of Ukrainian immigrant and American women of Greek and Swedish roots.

In 2012 in Ukraine, the premiere of “the Forbidden zone” (eng. Chernobyl Diaries “Chernobyl diaries”), where Dyachenko played the role of Yuri. The Director of the movie was Bradley Parker.

In addition, the actor in small roles appeared in such films as “Soldier Jane,” “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the crystal skull”, the Comedy “Get smart”; in the TV series “Cool Walker”, “Sons of anarchy”, “C. S. I. CSI Miami”.

There are “dark spots” in the life of an actor.

So, five years ago, diatchenko was convicted that he was mistreating the animals. He took it and made a rabbit with his former lover and ate him.

For that Dyachenko has been sentenced to 60 days of community service and 48 hours of compulsory works.

We will remind, in Russia was killed by the actor, 16-year-old star of “jumble”. Ivan was stabbed on the street in Volgograd, when the teenager and a friend were returning home from College.

We also wrote that in Kiev suddenly died the famous actor David Babayev. He was 77 years, native did not disclose the cause of his death.

Earlier it became known, what were the last hours of the life of actor Dmitry Marjanov. It turned out that the Maryanov repeatedly complained to employees of the rehabilitation center that he was bad. However, none of the complaints of the artist did not respond, and the Director of the institution and refused to call an ambulance.