Employees of SBU found a hiding-place in the village of Olginka of Donetsk region, which close to the demarcation line. This was reported by the press service of law enforcement agencies.

It is noted that the unknown had hidden weapons, explosives and ammunition on the territory of the former children’s camp. There was discovered about 40 anti-personnel, anti-tank and other mines, 33 RPG 38 RGD-5 grenades and f-1, a Kalashnikov assault rifle, sniper rifle and 14 thousand rounds of various calibers.

SBU has already figured out who hid deadly weapons in the building of children’s camp. It turned out that this four local residents, who planned to take out your caches from the zone of the OOS.

About being arrested if the criminal is unknown. However, the criminal case on article 263 UK of Ukraine are opened. For illegal weapon handling, ammunition and explosives found guilty faces a prison term of 3 to 7 years.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that the SBU accidentally found a cache of documents of the Ukrainian nationalists, tucked away in 1950.

We also wrote that in liberated Lysychansk powerful discovered a cache of ammunition terrorist gang Brain “Ghost.”

Also recently, the Ukrainian forces were found in the Donbas, Putin’s vast caches of “px”.