Media: In Israel, the party of Netanyahu and Gantz signed the agreement about creation of the governmental coalition

flogeljiri / DepositPhotos

The Likud Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and “Kajol-Laban,” the speaker of the Knesset (Parliament of Israel) benny Gantz was signed on Monday the agreement on creation of the governmental coalition following the elections on 2 March. This was reported by Israeli channel I24.

According to him, the signature under the document were put by leaders of both parties during the meeting in the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem on Monday. This meeting was already the second day.

The agreement was made possible after, as was settled the last dispute relating to the election of the representatives of the political system to the Commission for appointment of judges. In accordance with the reached agreement, the first half of the year, the head of the government will be Benjamin Netanyahu, and then it will replace benny Gantz, informs NEWSru Israel.

After signing the agreement between “Likud” and “Kajol-Laban” will be followed by the adoption of a series of bills regulating operation of rotational government. In particular, the law will stipulate the process of transferring the post of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from the Beni Ganz, and authority, Benjamin Netanyahu, during the stay of the Ghanaian Prime Minister.

It is expected that the coalition will also join the party “Avoda”, which will receive the post of Minister for Amir Peretz, and Deputy Minister for Itzik Shmuel. It is expected that the coalition will be sworn not earlier than the second week of may.

Political crisis in Israel lasted for more than a year. From 30 December 2018 after the dissolution of the Knesset, the 19th convocation in Israel operated by the transitional government. Since that time, was held already the third parliamentary elections, but they did not bring the Likud of incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the required majority in the Knesset to form a government.

“The country is in a terrible situation. Parliament was not functioning for a year – a whole year without reforms, no draft laws, no programs. There is no budget. This is disastrous for the internal politics and dangerous for our external security,” said Israeli political analyst tal Schneider.