Vyacheslav Tunguskova found in the night of 5 to 6 may mutilated at the bus stop in Odessa. In a statement posted on the website of the national police in the Kharkiv region, said that investigators opened criminal proceedings under part 1 of article 121 of the criminal code of Ukraine, informs Диалог.UA.

In addition, the police said that the day of the tragedy the victim is 17-year-old man communicated with two men 32 and 38 years later it turned out that they were being detained.

His version of the tragedy told and ex-girlfriend Vyacheslav Angela, with whom he broke up last fall.

Vyacheslav and Angela

There is evidence that Angela was also involved in the incident. In addition, it was reported that when the young man’s mother searched for the son, the girl picked up the phone, but said nothing about knowing where Tunguskas.

The record, which extended a number of the Telegram channels, Angela says that Vyacheslav himself to blame in the incident, he allegedly provoked the conflict by his behavior when molested her and her friend.

“It started with them “crooked” to talk and they too were drunk… Yes, I know they are overdone, but what to do?” she says.

Angela also said that the victim threatened her with rape and even punched in the face. Although earlier it was reported that she hit a guy, and he answered her with a light blow “Pope”.

But now the ex-girlfriend of the victim said that after the beating, she examination found a brain concussion.

“Yes, I agree that my dad and his friend overreacted. They were drunk, no one denies. But one of his valves didn’t hit, and his stick was not raped, there was nothing,” says Angela.

At the same time Telegram-channel “Trash Kharkov” released footage of two suspects in the beating Tunguskova.

“And here is a photo of the two thugs. Soon to be a detailed material,” – said in the message channel.

By the way, in the hospital, where they brought injured, the young man admitted that the guy was not a living space. His rehabilitation will be long and hard.

By the way, one of the detainees was previously convicted, he enjoys dog fighting breeds. The message another Kharkiv Telegram-channel Kharkov in 1654 it is stated that the detainee participated in banned in Ukraine dog fights.

We will remind, 17-summer Vyacheslav Tunguskova after torture were released only on one condition that he will not tell anyone. Among other things, the guy on the back trying to cut the blade swearword, but the torturers did just one letter. The guy tried to break a nail, threatened that he would become food for fish.

Moreover, all the bullying was videotaped.

The young man with four broken ribs, nose, was bleeding internally in the abdominal cavity. Throughout the body and neck hematoma.