Friday, may 8, the Western world celebrated the 75th anniversary of the end of world war II – the Day of memory and reconciliation. On this occasion, the Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki accused Moscow of distorting the truth about those events. He did it in interview to the Italian newspaper La Stampa, reports Диалог.UA.

Both Moscow and Warsaw ignored the event each other on the Second world war. Moravicki explained that irreconcilable contradictions concerning those historical events. Moscow unwilling to recognize their responsibility and requires countries to accept their point of view.

For Poland it would mean to take the side of lies. We can’t allow the executioners were called victims, and Vice versa. The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact is a direct indication that he was preparing a direct aggression against Poland, the division of zones of influence and occupation of the Baltic States… as a result of this decision, millions of people were subjected to mass repression, “said Morawiecki.

He also reminded that Poland during its 50 years has been under the occupation of Moscow and the Communist regime.

Activities of the red Army on our territory, of course, was not aimed at the restoration of our independence, but rather to again deprive us of sovereignty. To return it, we had to wait until 1989, “said Polish Prime Minister.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that Russia conducted a large-scale operation against Poland and the USA.

We also wrote that the words Zelensky in Poland has caused anger in Kabaevoy: “And you thought we were kidding?”

In addition, the President Zelensky Victory Day “remember” the Kremlin Crimea and the Donbass.