The phrase “in his hands all the lights” has two meanings. So talking about people who for whatever they take, everything goes awry. But even so, talking about those who seemingly can succeed in any field. And certainly, many people would like to know how to identify these people how to calculate that before you – master of all trades, a winner in life, informs with reference to the Express-news, Диалог.UA.

Vasilisa Volodina said, under the shadow of any zodiacal constellations are born such brave and lucky.


The representatives of this zodiac sign, according to the horoscope of the astrologer, achieve incredible success with his natural tenacity and an innate unwillingness to give up even when seemingly the whole world against them.

And in the end come out victorious. In addition, Lions – the greatest optimists, their faith in the best so hard that they will certainly achieve this best. Just because sometimes my life can’t even imagine.


This sign will help their emotions and positive thinking. Unlike lions, who are accustomed, as they say “shove tank”, Sagittarians are inclined to reflect and learn from their mistakes. They draw conclusions from failures, and positive thinking helps them not to dwell on the bad and move forward and in the end to achieve the desired result.


This is often a strong and determined people who have no program-at least. They only set the maximum. Moreover, “All or nothing!” is not their principle, not their motto. They leave themselves out of it only “Everything!”

And achieve exceptional everything desired in full, without stopping before any difficulties and obstacles.

We previously wrote to horoscope Volodya lucky to resolve their financial difficulties and to get rid of in the near future from financial problems.

Besides it became known, for whom this may all change for the better, who Volodina predicts the time of new victories.

Recall Vasilisa Volodina said one of the signs of the Zodiac are programmed for success, whom will help luck be a lady.