Scientists at the University of California, riverside have developed a compact, resembling a small backpack device, which is dubbed the “Fitbit for Chicks”. With it, farmers will be able to solve a very important problem is to detect mites on the body of chickens.

As a rule, ticks prefer to stick to the back of the chickens body. Once there, they cause itching and subcutaneous inflammation, which reduces jajtsenoskost.

Scientists found that chickens infected by ticks increases the intensity of certain movements – in particular, they often peck the ground, primping and taking dust baths. To monitor the behaviour of chickens on their backs and decided to strengthen not causing discomfort “Fitbit for Chicks”.

Using a special algorithm, the scientists found that chickens infected by ticks the behavior changes significantly. All is revealed in this way sick birds was subjected to special antikleschevuyu treatment. As a result, their skin is healed and they returned to normal.

Materials on the study, published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Source — Scientific Reports