By the end of this year in Los Angeles (USA) open shop Woodland Hills, which will operate the Dash service Cart from Amazon. This is a concession by the company for those outlets where I want to preserve the classic Fund and the purchase of goods for cash, and not go entirely cashless. At the same time, if a particular buyer to stand in line does not want, he has the ability to pay with a remote payment.

To activate the service Cart Dash you need to take in store special “smart cart” and sign in the system using QR code. Truck is equipped with a set of sensors that allow to identify and weigh the product, it works buying. The user must hold the object with a scanner and then put in the basket.

Dash Cart offers several ways to enter data about the product using the barcode, enter the name or index. The system automatically determines the price takes into account discounts, able to work with coupons, provides all financial information for the transaction. When shopping is finished, you need to go with a trolley through a special corridor to confirm the transaction. The money will be debited from your card, a notification will come via e-mail.
Source — Amazon