A few days ago, visitors to the Japanese amusement Park Fuji-Q Highland saw no ordinary video message, in which two high-ranking leaders of the Park, clad in protective masks, rush coaster… in complete silence.

According to the publication The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the Park administration was forced to ban visitors to scream, riding various rides to prevent the spread of coronavirus. As a result, at the end of the video message can see the phrase: “Please, scream to myself.”

The presented video demonstrates that during crying, coughing, singing and even talking is the release of a large number of tiny droplets of saliva, which may contain coronavirus. However, it is unlikely that Park visitors ride on a roller coaster, will be able to follow this prohibition because it requires nerves of steel.

As stated in an interview with the WSJ a visitor at Tokyo Disneyland Yuki Suzuki: “You will not see such bans in other countries Disneyland. There, if someone shouts, he shouts”.

Source — The Wall Street Journal