Launched from multiple rocket launchers rocket with a caliber of 300 millimeters has struck a given target with millimeter precision.

“There! Great! On the nose!” – the military responded when the missile hit the target.

These firings took place in preparation for the state tests of high-precision missiles, which are soon to enter the armed forces and become a very formidable weapon that will not leave the occupants a chance.

“The alder-M” is the project of creation of high-precision 300-mm rocket ammunition with a maximum range of more than a hundred kilometers.

The “highlight” of the ammunition, shots which showed the Military television of Ukraine, in the fact that they will be produced by enterprises of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine in a closed cycle, that is, the production is not that import-dependent, and even dependent on civil related companies.

This fact is extremely important for the military-industrial complex, since it is production over a specific, demanding security, as well as to the preservation of secrecy.

In addition, the rocket “the Alder-M” can be called a technological breakthrough in the field of creation of Ukrainian weapons. They will replace in our army of obsolete missiles “Tochka-U” and MLRS “Smerch”.

The missile was developed design Bureau “Luch”, and the first models produced at the plant “Artem”. These missiles equipped with precision guidance systems, have significantly improved compared to the predecessors ballistic performance and offer more efficiency and reliability in a number of other parameters.

Recall that the Ukrainian missile troops will hold on April 25 and 26 missile firing on the range “AliBey” in the framework of testing the newest rocket complexes “Beech” and “Neptune”. It is reported that the instruments will experience at maximum range.

It was also reported that an upgraded APU for the T-72 tank water tests showed the highest class. The tank entered at a depth of five meters, after which overcome at this depth, ten meters distance.