Russia has begun developing a mission to land astronauts on the lunar surface. This was announced by chief designer on the creation of the spaceship “eagle”, designed for missions to the moon, Igor Hamic.


“For landing on the lunar surface you plan to use a bunch of ship “eagle” lunar landing module in orbit an artificial satellite of the moon. Currently carrying out research on the development of such a module, and the mission as a whole”, — quotes its RIA Novosti.

The Agency said that the first test launch of the “eagle” is scheduled for 2023 on the carrier rocket “Angara-A5” from the cosmodrome East.

In 2024 it is planned unmanned flight of the spacecraft in 2025 — manned flight to the ISS.

In 2028, it is planned the first launch of a rocket heavy class “Yenisei”. In 2029 flyby is planned on the ship of the moon, and in 2030 the landing of the Russian cosmonauts on the lunar surface.

In March it was reported that Russian scientists have created a prototype navigation system, which may be used with prospective Russian manned spacecraft “eagle” during the flight to the moon.