Donald trump criticized the bill of the democratic party on police reform and expressed hope that the document will not pass through Congress. Democrats prepared a document, according to trump, will destroy the American police. Opponents of the White house plan to seek a ban on the use of suffocating techniques, guards and enter the registry violations by law enforcement officers, and also to simplify the procedure for their prosecution. Republicans introduced a similar bill, which focuses on improving the process of formation of the personnel of the police. As experts believe, Democrats and Republicans, including trump, adhere to fundamentally different approaches to police reform, which only reinforce the division in American society.

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US President, Donald trump declared that counts on the support of the Republican party against the Democrats initiated the bill on the reform of the police.

“This week Democrats in the house of representatives want to approve a bill that will destroy our police. I hope Republicans in Congress will strongly oppose its adoption. We need to appreciate and protect our police force, it ensures our safety!” — wrote in his Twitter head of the White house.

The House Democrat wants to pass a Bill this week that will destroy our police. Republican Congressmen & Congresswomen will hopefully fight hard to defeat it. We must protect and cherish our police, they keep us safe!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 21, 2020Loss of confidence

On 18 June, the Committee on judicial Affairs of the house of representatives approved a bill on police reform.

The document was presented by the Democrats on June 8. Before it is submitted to Parliament, about 20 members of the Democratic party, including speaker of the lower house of Congress, Nancy Pelosi got down on one knee in memory of the African-American George Floyd, who died may 25 from the actions of law enforcement of Minneapolis.

The bill Democrats will create a Federal register of cases of police misconduct. This duty rests with the public Prosecutor of the country with the participation of the Ministry of justice. Access to this database should be open to all citizens.

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Given the circumstances of the death of Floyd, the Democrats intend to prohibit law enforcement officers to use the detention methods, impeding the breath and breaking the flow of blood to the brain. In addition, encourages police officers to use physical force only in those cases when you have exhausted other methods of influence.

“Employee of Federal law enforcement has no right to resort to the deliberate use of lethal force against any person, except when deadly force is a necessary last resort to prevent imminent serious bodily injury or death to a police officer or other person”, — the document says.

Democrats also included in the bill provisions under which police will be easier to prosecute in case of violation of human rights on their part.

Meanwhile, the Republicans have another look at the reform of the judicial system. On 17 June they presented under their control in the Senate the option of a private bill entitled Just and Unifying Solutions to Invigorate Communities Everywhere (Justice Act). To Russian document translated as “Fair and unifying solution to the widespread strengthening communities.”


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The initiator of the amendments was the MP from South Carolina Tim Scott, the only black Republican in the upper chamber of Congress.

Part of the proposals of the Republicans coincides with the provisions set forth in the bill of the Democrats. For example, Scott calls for limiting the use of suffocating techniques and to create a database, where will be fixed the offense police.

However, the Republicans focus on the need to improve system of selection of candidates on service in law-enforcement agencies and to require guards to wear a body camera. Implementation of all these measures, according to Scott, will smooth out the sad statistics of murders of blacks. According to the Senator, for African Americans likely to die from the hands of the police 2.5 times higher than for the white population.

On 16 June his vision of police reform was presented by the Donald trump. He signed the decree, which also provides for the emergence of a registry of violations of the law by law enforcement officers.

In addition, the document tightens the procedure for the grant of the American police. From the point of view of trump, the budget needs to obtain only law enforcement Agency that meet the high standards of professionalism, including on the part of appropriate use of force. As can be seen from the White house, checking the quality of police work will be entrusted to “independent authoritative bodies.”

The difference of approaches


Experts believe that despite certain similarities proposed by the Democrats and Republicans of measures to reform the police, both political camps adhere to conflicting approaches.

Democrats insist that the US law enforcement agencies can not cope with their tasks. In turn, the Republicans and the White house based on the fact that, in General, American police working effectively.

For example, the administration of the trump notes that within two years the country has reduced the number of murders and violent crimes. Also on the website of the White house stressed that the vast majority of law enforcement officials conscientiously perform their duties.

  • Donald trump signs a decree on the reform of the police surrounded by representatives of the security forces

“Trump and the Republicans in their policies rely on the power block, whose integral part is the police. But from the standpoint of the Democratic party militiamen USA should lose their legal immunity and the presumption of trust, that is the special status which they now possess. This is a fundamental difference approaches,” — said in an interview with RT Deputy Director of the Institute for strategic studies and forecasts of PFUR Nikita Danyk.

Leading researcher of the Institute of social Sciences of the Russian Academy, member of Russian Association of political science Sergei Bespalov believes that Democrats and Republicans are unlikely to compromise on the issue of police reform.

“The law enforcement system in the United States is decentralized. The main scope of authority, including financing, determines the power of the States. Republicans support this state of Affairs, the Democrats, on the contrary, advocated the strengthening of control by the Federal government and reducing Federal grant funding,” says Bespalov.

According to Bespalov, in the current dispute about the fate of the police the vast majority of Republicans stand on the side of the President. Thus, the Democrats will have little chance for approval of their bill in the Senate. If the part of the Republicans falter and the document will pass through the upper house, trump will use the veto, said the analyst.

“Insulting symbols of the state”


Experts believe that the differences between Democrats and Republicans at this point can lead to a worsening of the already serious problems.


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“Effects of socio-political upheavals that are taking place in the United States, will be very serious. Problems are created, which most likely won’t be resolved for at least several years. We see how offended the symbols of the state and how the Democrats in the fight against trump condone destabilize the internal situation. Discussion about the police is one aspect of all these negative events,” said Sergei Bespalov.

Similar view of the situation in the United States and adheres to Nikita Danyk. The expert noted that the unrest and conflict that swept the United States, only deepen the rift in American society and the elite.

“The key reason for the difficulties faced by the States, is a continuing divide between ethnic and social groups. And initiatives the Democrats are undermining the foundations of American society, and the tramp limited to “cosmetic” suggestions. To solve objectively the problem of police and social inequality, apparently, no one is going,” concluded Danyk.