Head coach of “Astana” Vladimir Fedotov commented on the situation around the match of 23 Matchday of the Russian Premier League with “Rostov”.

  • RIA Novosti
  • © Artur Lebedev

“This was a situation we did not know the names of, quickly collected information, what age and so on. Well, in principle, that sounded: children will play and all that stuff… of Course, if 18 years of age is dangerous to play football and participate in the fighting is okay, then I wash my hands. Football has changed so much, it became a very scary sport,” said Fedotov in the air “Match of the Premier”.

“Sochi” refused “Rostov” in porting the game 23rd round of RPL, despite the fact that the entire core team of the Rostov region has been quarantined due to the discovery of coronavirus from six players. In the end, “Rostov” was forced to go on leaving the youth team. The match ended with the score 10:1 in favor of “Sochi”.

Earlier Fedotov said that Sochi is not fully understood, in which the composition will come “Rostov”.