At least something to explain the embezzlement of money allocated by Russia for the celebrations on the occasion of 9 May, which likely will not happen. This is the root cause of the “renaming” of Donetsk in Stalino on the initiative of the occupation “government”, “DNR”, by analogy with the “renaming” of Lugansk into Voroshilovgrad.

The occupation “government” “DND”, said in his message Telegrams-channel “Free-thinker”, clearly making a desperate attempt to pretend that the money allocated by the curators at never celebrated Victory Day, a very-very necessary and bring them back or redirected to other needs well, nothing is impossible.

Because after the city of Lugansk was taken, to put it mildly, a very strange decision about the “renaming” of Donetsk. This also explains the statement by Denis Pushilin about the intention to celebrate the may 11 “day of Republic”.

“But sent Russia the money for the preparation and conduct of the parade on may 9 have “a” stolen team Pushilin. And for them to report need, therefore, Pushilin found out in a modest statement that “the Republic day” (may 11) we still hold!

Maybe not massively, but will spend”. Here you can see a lot of money to write off the alleged new signs with the names of Stalin! In any case, Pushilin the event you need to spend, well, at least for show, only the money was something to write off. Well let’s see. One has the whole world was going to invite on may 9th. But apparently heaven didn’t really want it”, – stated in the message.

The occupying “authorities” surely know, that very much affected the Russian economic crisis and because of the shameful and very painful for the economy of the loss of the Russian Federation in the oil war financial flows to the “people’s Republic” at best severely lacking and at worst even stopped, because the budget of Russia in recent nedosypaniya on the revenue side 70 %.

No, Pushilin and his devotees think is not about ordinary people who find themselves hostages of a very bad situation. They think primarily about themselves, but otherwise does not explain the fact that a newly allocated as financial assistance to the Republic of 1 billion rubles, most likely, for the most part settled in the pockets of the “leaders”. And state employees, miners, employees of “public” companies still receive a penny.

However, at the top of the “Republic” of the case is not in “chocolate”. Now the situation is the most unfavourable to the occupying “authorities” – namely, uncertainty.

Recently, Pushilin and “Minister” of Finance and the Minister of coal industry “DNR” came from Moscow the instruction to go to Rostov on a meeting with representatives of the Kremlin. But then the meeting was canceled without explanation.

And adds to the occupying “authority” of her nervousness rapidly growing unpopularity among the people. The same Pushilin, the Donetsk side, even strongly support “DNR”, “affectionately” called “rogue” and “elemenst”.

“That’s because of all this Pushilin is now at a loss to know what to do. In addition, Moscow already received instructions Pushilin, Pashkov, “Minister of Finance” and “Minister of coal industry” to go to Rostov on a meeting with representatives of the Kremlin. But then it was canceled and nothing about it said.

Pushilin and the unknown is the worst. So he is nervous. Especially against the background of total distrust to him in both population and military, militia, and even curators.

The “militia” have long said: “It is not our. He is in the trenches was not. He’s a villain, emement”. In short, is why sadden”, – underlined in the message.

We will remind, earlier the terrorist Strelkov told who is the real “owner” of Donbass, recognizing that leaders ORDO fully controlled by the Kremlin.

We also wrote that Pushilin accused of losing Ukraine. According to the ideology of “DNR” Manekine, “Republic” fails because of the inability Pushilin lead.