The quarrel leading “Russia-1” Vladimir Solovyov and sports commentator Vasily Utkin has moved to a new level. Loyal to the Kremlin Solovyov on your YouTube channel publicly threatened physical harm to her opponent.

You, Bob, head included! Head! And, you know, that one hand can head in another position you lead. And for a long time you then you will out of your ass to pull out. Just the top of the dome punch. You say, tall. Nothing, I bounce! I’ll get it. Either the first blow you will be bent. Look at me, look at both. And looks around at the sides. It’s not chat language. This is for you, Bob, for your words to answer. Or to apologize. That’s your choice, “- said Solovyov , shaking his fist.

Solovyov is very funny threatens Utkin. Acting level theatre-in-education.

Leading shit for weeks. It all started with the statements announced that the Russian authorities are not effectively fighting the coronavirus. In the Evening, they held up and raced

Lentic (@oldLentach) April 24, 2020

Utkin instantly responded to his threat on his Twitter account. To apologize to the host of “Russia 1” and he refused. Moreover, the commentator made a screenshot image of Solovyov and drew him obscene detail.

No matter where or when I ever meet you, vile dwarf, I’ll keep my hands behind my back. I want to consider the time of the stroke, which you and so-that’s enough. Under any circumstances I finger won’t hurt you. Threaten all you want, “said Utkin.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that the fight erupted when Utkin publicly criticized the insufficient, in his opinion, the action of the Kremlin to help the Russians during the period of quarantine. Soloviev immediately came to the defense of the Russian authorities, but as arguments began to insult the commenter.

Leading exchanged a couple of nasty comments in the Network, then Utkin caused Soloviev to a verbal duel. However, the latter refused, for which he was suspected of cowardice.

And recently, Soloviev fell on the Creek, and accuses Ukrainians of “failure” on YouTube.