Ukrainian blogger and politician Anatoly Shary filed a lawsuit at the world-famous motivational speaker nick Vujcic. He wrote about this on my channel Telegram.

Shary says that online Cameo was allegedly denied the purchase of a Sharii video Voicecam for $ 145.

At the beginning of next week in the Ukrainian court will be filed the first lawsuit against the representative Vujcic in Ukraine for libel, “wrote Shary.

He threatened a public as possible “the legal thin layer spread” the Australian celebrity and also “slow and fun to destroy his reputation“.

The politician asserts that has given to representatives Vujcic their “legal vision”.

In addition, Shary noted that because this story is supposedly “popiaritsya the whole world“.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that the Sharii scandal erupted on April 21. Ukrainian public activist Sergey Sternenko announced the investigation, which stated that the politician gave for “strengthening the Hollywood lobby” paid videos with Cameo. In addition Vujcic, in the history appeared and the famous boxer Mike Tyson.

Australian writer responded quickly to the situation. He blamed the Sharia that he used it for political purposes and encouraged to delete your video.

We wrote that Michael Shary recently released a video of sharie in which presented evidence of his Pro-Russian position.